Basketball Skills

Basketball Skills

Playing basketball is a lot of fun, just as you see on NBA. However, even when you are playing on casual basis, you have to equip yourself with some skills if you would like to enjoy yourself. When we went camping on our last getaway trip, we played basketball, but we did not have a lot of playing fun because it was more of a learning experience.

Most of the girls had never touched a basketball before in their life, so I spent a lot of time teaching them the bare basics of basketball. If you would like to buy a ground hoop or a wall hoop so that you can play with your family, these basic skills will help you enjoy your game much more than you would without them:

Learn how to dribble

Playing basketball

Dribbling is one of the most important skills that you should learn in basketball. It involves moving with the ball from place to place in the court, maneuvering your way between the players of the opposing team. Remember, you have to keep dribbling the ball – this is not rugby! You need agility, a good grip on the ball and perfect coordination of your motor skills. With practice, you can be perfect in dribbling.


Basketball is not a lazy game. You will have to do a lot of running all the time. However, this time, you are not running empty-handed. You have a ball in your hands, you are dribbling it and at the same time, you are warding off the defenders of the other team.

It is not easy, but you can do it. Whether or not you have the ball, you will need to run. With the ball, you will run towards the basket. Without the ball, you will run after your opponents to grab the ball out of their hands.


Player jumping holding ball

If you are a good runner, dribbler and passer but you cannot jump, then you will find that you will not see the basket. In basketball, most of the jumps are vertical and the person who jumps highest has the advantage. You will jump for the ball or for the basket.

Passing the ball

Basketball is a team thing. You cannot move all over the court alone without passing the ball. However, you must pass the ball in such a way that you elude the defenders.

Passing the ball, is not just as easy as spotting one of your players and throwing it. It is a perfect combination of sight and mind. You must gauge the closeness of the opponents before you pass the ball. That way, the ball will not land in enemy hands. If you become a great passer, you may not necessarily score goals, but you will contribute a lot to your team winning.


The reason for all that running, jumping, passing and dribbling is so that you can get the ball into the basket. This is called shooting! You have to have great eye, mind and arm coordination. Most of the time, you will find that you have to jump high, evade the defenders, aim and shoot for the basket. While shooting comes in many types, the most important thing is to get the ball in that basket as many times as possible.

A Hoop for the Contest

A Hoop for the Contest

Jack can indeed be a dull boy if it is all work, work and work and no play. This is why we plan an outing where we go away from our homes and offices. We hold game-ish contests that help us bring out the little children in us. And it feels so good to unwind with friends. As usual, every summer, the girls and I always have a trip cooking and this summer is not any different. There is a trip in the works guys, and this time around, we have decided to introduce new ideas to make it even more fun than before. 

We have added basketball into the mix you guys. Like … just how cool is that? Imagine me wearing basketball shorts that reach all the way to my knees, you know, to look like LeBron. You betcha we will have plenty of fun. This time around, it is all systems go for us. It is fun from day one to the seventh day of the trip and yes, we will be gone that long.

Engaging in new adventures means that we have to prepare for them. I have been tasked with the duty of finding the required basketball gear. One of the things that I am looking for is a pair of ground hoops.

Why ground hoops? You may ask. Well, the reason is that we have decided to make basketball a more permanent adventure, so we can come back to it from time to time. In my search for the best ground hoops, I have come across this site:


Here, I found a lot of information for basketball gear for beginners as well as advanced players.

The installation or placement of a ground hoop needs to be done with care. You cannot place these hoops just anywhere. However, we have already consulted and we know they are allowed in the place that we intend to spend most of our trip time.

A few things to know about in-ground basketball hoops

First, these hoops are best for people that would like something permanent in their backyard or driveway. The hoop pole is installed with cement and therefore it is quite stable. Thus, if you like playing your basketball like a pro, with force and energy, you need a hoop that can withstand some abuse. With the hoop and backboard installed in the right way, you can play with abandon, without worrying too much about safety. 

Many installation options

This is one of the benefits of using an in-ground hoop system. You can install it in any place if you have some free space. However, for the safety of your glass windows, pick a place a bit far. Compared to roof, wall or ceiling-installed hoops, this one is the best of them all.

Backboard options

Mostly, you need a backboard that is made of weather-resistant material. Glass is quite popular for such hoops. Polyethylene boards are also good as they give the ball a good bounce, and so do graphite back boards. You can get more details here about the best outdoor basketball hoops.

Best two ground hoop systems you can get:

Spalding H-Frame Basketball System – In-ground

Spalding H-Frame – In-ground

This high quality basketball system is bound to last a long time especially if you do the installation correctly. This is expected because Spalding is one of the best names in the production of basketball gear. With a steel frame for the glass backboard, you will get quality ball rebounds. This pole system is also adjustable in height from 7 to 10 feet. Thus, tall and short players can use it conveniently.


  • Tempered glass for the backboard offers good rebound
  • Easy assembly even for beginners
  • Adjustable pole system
  • It is quite solid with proper installation


  • Rim attachment can be a bit hard
  • Requires you to dig a deep hole – 4 feet

Lifetime 90020

Lifetime 90020

While an in-ground hoop system is the best, it does not have to be too expensive. For example, the Lifetime 90020 is quite affordable for many people. It has been designed with a shatterproof backboard that gives a perfect ball rebound. With height adjustment, this is a perfect in-ground system for players of different ages and sizes. It offers many benefits over the wall-mounted basketball hoops, but if you would like a wall hoop, you can learn about them on ballersguide.net.


  • Requires about three people to assist with the installations
  • Good for players of all ages
  • Price is affordable
  • Backboard is made with durable shatterproof material


  • Installation is a bit of a headache as parts are not packaged differently
Get the Benefits

Get the Benefits

Playing basketball is not only good for having fun, but as it turns out, it also has many health benefits.

And why not? This is a technical sport. It requires a lot of aggression, power, energy and fast movement. At the same time, it also requires one to be mentally alert, to be able to make fast mental calculations and judgments. Thus, you can see that you have to be quite fit to play basketball. Even if you do not feel very fit right now, basketball can help make you fit.  

What are some of the health benefits that you will enjoy from basketball?

Enhances motor coordination

Two men playing ball

Basketball is a game of the mind as much as it is a game of the physical. In this game, you will have to cultivate perfect hand, leg, eye and mind coordination. Actually, if you have been having challenges concentrating on one activity for some time, basketball can help you with that. Thus, if you have been having attention problems with your students, you can introduce basketball and see how it helps them.

Basketball helps tone the muscles

Just imagine the amount of muscle exercises that you get from making those high jumps on the court. Your hands are loaded with the ball, you have been running around a lot and have been involving your body in exercise in different ways. All these give you a perfect way to tone your muscles. Thus, if you would like to look like George Clooney but on a low budget, just install a basketball hoop in your yard and make good use of it.

You will lose weight

Feet on scale

This is not a matter of chance, but the truth is that you will lose weight when you start playing basketball. The volume of activity, the running back and forth, the jumping and the shooting involved burns a lot of calories. Researchers say that your body can burn up to 750 calories in one hour of playing basketball. Thus, if you have been looking for a fun way to lose weight, toss basketball into the picture. Remember, you have to play consistently to see good results.

It enhances your heart rate

Your heart slows down as you age. However, for good cardiovascular health, you need to keep the heart rate up. Basketball offers you the perfect treadmill for that, it is good for the heart. With the to and fro movements on the court, the speed involved and the jumps, your heart has no choice but to increase its beating rate. Whenever you play basketball, know that you are lowering your risk of suffering from stroke in future.

Boosts your mood

Happy man holding ball

Is bad mood a health issue? You bet it is. It happens because there is an imbalance of the good vs bad hormones in your system. When you play basketball, the effect is almost the same as that of having sex. You feel happier, more contented and … just incredible. The reason for this is that the level of the feel-good hormones such as dopamine and serotonin rises in your system. This makes you feel elated. The release of the feel-good hormones also enhances the performance of the immune system. 

Build your bones

Bone health deteriorates when you sit down for too long. However, when you are involved in as energetic a game as basketball, you build your bones.